DSC may be applied from any of the licensed CAs: SafeScript/ IDRBT/ (n)Code/ e-mudra/ CDAC/ NSDL/ Capricorn/ Vsign / IAF. AMTRON is a sub-CA of e-mudra.

Contact for DSC details @ AMTRON:

Mr. Troilokya Borkakati, Ph: 9957190902


AMTRON is only a facilitator of DSC

AMTRON is in no way obliged to provide DSC for participation in Tender.

AMTRON shall not take any responsibility for the misuse of DSC by anyone.

AMTRON shall not take any responsibility for any delay in issuing/ delivery of DSC/ rejection of applicaiton by the CA or subsequent inability of the bidder to bid on any e-Auction/e-Tender site(s).

AMTRON or the Tender Portal shall not be responsible in any way for any loss or damage to any bidder for participating or not being able to participate on any e-Auction/e-Tender.