1. AMTRON is providing the online platform for conducting various functionalities including e-Tender/e-Auction for various Internal Departments.
  2. Sufficient test trials, demonstrations and trainings are conducted by AMTRON as and when requested by the Stakeholders of Internal Departments.
  3. AMTRON is not responsible for any damage / loss incurred to any Stakeholder for the use of the portal.
  4. The Stakeholders shall agree to the terms and condition in order to participate in the bidding process for e-Tenders/e-Auctions published/hosted on this portal.
  5. The e-Tender/e-Auction may be cancelled/ rescheduled only under unavoidable circumstances with approval from Managing Director, AMTRON and/or Project Head of respective Internal Department.

Terms and conditions for participating in e-Tender / e-Auction

  1. Any number of Bidders may participate in e-Tender/e-Auction that is published/floated on https://amtronetender.in portal after completing ‘Online Registration’ using his Unique Mobile Number and Enrolling DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is Mandatory.
  2. Registered bidder may participate in any number of e-Tender/e-Auction that is published/floated on https://amtronetender.in portal.
  3. An aspiring bidder will have to make Document Fee (non-refundable) as defined by the Department project team for each of the floated/published e-Tender/e-Auction for downloading the set of ‘Tender Documents’
  4. On successful payment of ‘Document Fee (non-refundable), should the bidder wish to participate, he / she will have to make the payment of ‘Participation Fee’ as minimum as Rs. 5000/- and also make the payment of EMD as defined by the Department project team for each of the floated/published e-Tender/e-Auction.
  5. Only exception for Item3 & 4 above is, if there is any Exception availed by the Bidder, the same may be submitted to the System along with ‘Exemption Certificate’ (Digitally signed PDF) which serves as evidence and gets validated / verified during Technical Evaluation.
  6. If a Bidder opts for ‘Exemption’, a nominal payment of Rs.1.00 to be paid online for both Document Fee and EMD and the full defined amount of Participation Fee has to be paid which does not differ by all means.
  7. On successful payment of ‘Document Fee’ (non-refundable), Participation Fee and EMD (conditionally), the respective bidder is allowed to submit ‘Technical Documents’ as mentioned in the RFP/Tender Documents. All the files those are getting uploaded / submitted must be in PDF format and must be Digitally signed.
  8. On successful upload of the mentioned documents, the bidder to submit ‘Price Bid’ for each of the items of RFP in the given template which is made available as part of Tender Documents. The ‘Itemized Price Bid’ file must be of PDF format and duly digitally signed by the Bidder.
  9. Each floated e-Tender/e-Auction will have a set of Milestones and the Bidders / Stakeholders are allowed to perform respective tasks accordingly.
  10. A bidder may submit Price Bid any number of times before the closure of Bid Submissionand the Last submitted bid is considered as the Final One.
  11. Each e-Tender/e-Auction has a Technical & Price Committee which validates the entire Bidders’ successful payments, submitted technical documents and submitted price bids. The committees do validate the pre-requisites of each of the bidder for qualifying / disqualifying their profile.
  12. Each registered bidder is REQUIRED to updated his ‘Basic KYC’ & ‘Advanced KYC’ online on https://amtronetender.in portal giving details viz., PAN, GST and many more.
  13. The committee after validation of the participated bidders for all the pre-defined parameters submits the ‘Technically Qualified’ & ‘Price Qualified’ bidders’ details and also concludes the e-Tender / e-Auction Winning Bidder based on H1 for Technical and L1 Price bid.
  14. Final action to award the tender rests with the Project Team / Project Manager and AMTRON has no role toplay in this.